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Interesting interactivity

Learn in half the time by visual interactivity
with more as per studies (see Method and Questions) with a start in this introduction in visual finance.

Choose from about fifteen courses and games
A dozen of them lead to a certificate at the chosen level.
- They are web-based and no download required.
- And work great as now on any device with a modern browser (saving your sign in) wherever you are.

 Blended finance courses for students around the world 
	with practical tools and simulations

Who has needed a digital solution for 30 years?
We have turned to innovative organizations with employees who are always curious to try something new and more interesting.

Go beyond books and get the whole picture

* In regular textbooks, each calculation and its result becomes an isolated island. But to get real knowledge, you need to go further and complete each deal and see how it affects the company's overall finances and key figures, that books and excel tools lack.
- And you interact on consequences in illustrative reports and key figures with explanatory facts.

- Your practice in running companies, in both courses and games, is complemented by the theory in Facts (or any book), and with reflection activated by decisions and questions.

Interactive Business finance

Decision-making certificates

Use your browser to take Business finance Decision-making certificates from the ground up.
* Learn in half the time the core parts that are calculable and show financial consequences,
- in financial management, calculation and accounting visualized in different decision situations
- with the help of the financial tools which are about thirty illustrative report, calculation and simulation tools with teaching materials, tutorials, videos and dictionary.

Do it with visual interactivity
In both courses and games, you work interactively in companies with the tools, decisions, events, questions and tasks and receive direct illustrative feedback.
- You do not for example only do a calculation and see its answer, but you complete the deal and take a position on its consequences on the company total in color and shape.
- You experience the financial connections and how every individual decision affects the company even in a helicopter perspective.
- You are not bound to specific goods and services, but only those that you consider yourself working with.

Also "soft" questions in the Business Games
A game leads to an Entrepreneur Finance certificate at chosen level.
- You are not controlled as in the courses, but you decide which office should be chosen in each situation.
- It is easier with what you learned in the courses to make the decisions and make the company grow.

* The games add sale and service with "soft" issues:
- such that you adapt sales behavior to different steps in the sales process,
- identify customer needs at standard and customized solutions respectively and
- problem solving at complaints and service commitments to customers.

Business courses and games

Two types of digital business games

In the Business Learning Games leading to certificates you can directly see the logical economic consequences of each individual decision and task and receive direct feedback that deepen your knowledge of finance.
All games have an Intro course without certificate.

In the classic business games, decisions are usually made in bulk without showing what affects which. You compete in a market and handle supply and demand not in need of financial knowledge. See more about Business Game Classic BGC in Course.

Online courses with tools

Basic Finance MDB

Entrepreneur Finance Introduction
An introduction into finance for non-economists in a number of videos with interactivity.
Intro Course to BGC
The introductory course shows how you in a classic game try to balance supply and demand.
Business Game Classic BGC
You can run the game now or later. See about that in Course.
Completed courses below give certificates
Resource and Balance course
Without prior knowledge you build up a balance sheet with ratios, beginning with a private economy where you recognize yourself.
Income course
You add an income/profit statement and margins etc. and develop a trading and service company.
Profit and Cash flow
Profit and Liquidity budgetings.
Business game Basic
Entrepreneur Finance Diploma Basic with targets for gross margin etc in a trading and service company.

Continuation level MDB

Profit management I
Average cost and margin calculations, markups and pricing.
Profit management II
Break-even, safety margins and pricing.
Business game Continuation
Entrepreneur Finance Diploma with targets for operating margin etc in a trading and service company.

Advanced level MDB

Profit management III
Contribution calculations, capacity utilization and pricing.
Return and Mathematics
This course prioritizes mathematics with ratios for economists.
Purchase and Store
Cases and calculations with process-oriented key figures.
Cases and calculations.
Business game Advanced
Entrepreneur Finance Diploma Advanced with targets for return etc. in a manufacturing company.

Action - Feedback - Context

Take on different roles in your companies

* Enter different rooms and take on roles and tasks in your different course and game companies.
- They change depending on chosen course or game.
- Take action one at a time, get feedback and see the context.
- Even you, who have studied finance, have the opportunity for a new experience of learning.

Enter different offices and roles.
      		On the top you have functions for finance and strategy. Right down 
			is the resource flow from procurement to sales in a virtual company.

Learn finance virtually and visually

Since 1990, we have developed digital learning firstly arranged for mixed learning and
- since 2000 via the Internet for learners scattered around the world.

The content corresponds to exercise books and textbooks with games, simulations, videos and teacher guides with continuous updating.

 Business training

 Basic Finance

 Entrepreneur Finance Intro x  
 Business Game Classic BGC x x
 Resource and Balance course x  
 Income course x  
 Profit and Cash flow planning x  
 Business game Basic x x

 Continuation level

 Profit management I x  
 Profit management II x
 Business game Continuation x x

Advanced level

 Profit management III x  
 Return and Mathematics x  
 Purchase and Store x  
 Investments x  
 Business game Advanced x x

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