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Learn in half the time

* See 10 features in the Method of
- halving the learning time and
- meeting the new demands for financial kompetence.
* See Course and design.
* See Questions about active learning.

Completely different

In video courses, exercise and textbooks of today each task is an isolated island. They can not show neither the results of your exercises and calculations nor how a result directly affects the bigger economic context, as your exercise company in total. This makes it impossible for you too.

See also evaluation of Harvard under Method. Test and scenario format along with spaced learning, do increase knowledge and long term memory in practices and tests with questions, decisions, cases and events.

Improve blended learning

Blended finance courses for students around the world 
	with practical tools and simulations

ProfitGames opens digital finance courses around the world for students as well as for teachers to use in blended learning in the modern classroom to find "the best we have experienced".  

Finance Diplomas

The Business training practices lead to Financial Management Diplomas which are financial drivers licenses on different levels. Start from scratch to learn finance, entrepreneurship and business acumen.

* You work interactively with decisions, events, questions and tasks and get instant feedback.
* You make the logical process whereas the computer counts and illustrates in pictures, where colour and configuration is a recurring theme for the understanding.
* You see directly the connections and how your separate decisions affect the greater context.
* To a lot of calculation and simulation tools and reports there are connected illustrative theory, Facts, with search function and a business economics dictionary.
See more under Demo.

Selling and Finance Diplomas

The Business training games, except the Classic, lead to Selling and Finance Diplomas at the fulfilment of the targets. In the games you run digital businesses and have access to assistance as digital calculation models, business simulations, visualized reports and digital textbooks with audio, dictionary and lessons on video.

* You are not controlled as in a practice, but you drive independently your business towards the targets.
* Decide what goods and/or services you deal in, improve the businesses and get them to grow.
* You apply your financial skills from the practice plus sale and service:
- such that you adapt sales behavior to different steps in the sales process,
- identify customer needs at standard and customized solutions respectively and
- resolve problems at various service commitments with the customers.

Smart financial skills for life

Learn finance and get the necessary knowledge that you will benefit from throughout your life. The main reason for financial difficulties and furthest bankruptcy is the lack of knowledge of economic connections. Knowledge is an investment in success. See Method (Avoid full speed towards insolvency).

Select courses with tools or
just the business and finance tools

The courses contain
- practice exercises and business games,
- calculation and simulation tools
- with digital teaching materials.
Select one of two subscriptions in Shop
- monthly to all courses with all tools or
- annually to only the tools with teaching materials.

14 business courses for decision makers and school

Basic Entrepreneurial level

Entrepreneurial Economy
Start without prior knowledge. A dozen videos give a simple introduction to what the basic level takes up, namely balance sheet, income statement and cash flow. Does not lead to a diploma.
Business Game Classic
You get the feeling and experience in running a business that is interesting for you to do at an early stage before diving deeper into the financial issues.

Resource and Balance practice
Without prior knowledge you build up a balance sheet, beginning with a private economy where everybody will recognize themselves.
Income practice
You add an income statement and develop a trading and service company.
Profit and Cash flow planning
Profit and liquidity cash budgeting.
Business game Basic
Selling and Finance Diploma with targets for gross margin etc.

Continuation level

Profit management I
Average cost and margin calculations, markups and pricing.
Profit management II
Break-even, safety margins and pricing.
Business game Continuation
Selling and Finance Diploma with targets for operating margin etc.

Advanced level

Profit management III
Contribution calculations, capacity utilization and pricing.
Return and Mathematics
This practice can finish the Basic level if you want to prioritize mathematics for economists.
Purchase and Store
Business game Advanced
Selling and Finance Diploma with targets for return etc.

Business games and simulations

Enter different offices and roles

On the top you have functions for finance and strategy. Right down is the resource flow from procurement to sales. You enter different roles and get the contexts continuously illustrated on your way towards the targets.

Enter different offices and roles.
      		On the top you have functions for finance and strategy. Right down 
			is the resource flow from procurement to sales in a virtual company.

You reach the targets
- in the practice exercises by coping with questions and tasks and
- in the games even by achieving economic goals.
The Business games have an Intro practice exercise about how to run the business.

 Business courses

 Basic Entrepreneurial level
 Entrepreneurial Economy x  
 Business Game Classic x x
 Resource and Balance practice x  
 Income practice x  
 Profit and Cash flow planning x  
 Business game Basic x x

 Continuation level
 Profit management I x  
 Profit management II x
 Business game Continuation x x

Advanced level
 Profit management III x  
 Return and Mathematics x  
 Purchase and Store x  
 Investments x  
 Business game Advanced x x

Use the tools beyond the courses too for private and professional decisions on any computer anywhere.

Two types of digital business games

In the Business games and simulations leading to diplomas you can directly see the economic and mathematical logical consequences of each individual decision and task and receive direct feedback that deepen your knowledge of finance.

In the so-called classic games the decisions should be taken in lump. In Business Game Classic BGC you compete in a market and manage supply and demand by your marketing, costs, price and production.
See more under Course.

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